Research Interests

  • My current project focuses on the non-local character of quantum entanglement and tensions between quantum non-locality and Relativity.  I suspect that the classical notion of causation is the source of misconception in this research filed. Hence, I ask about the causal demand of Relativity and how such a demand should be related to the problematic quantum non-locality. Moreover, via assessing the metaphysical status of Reichenbach's common cause principle, I examine the most promising account of explaining causal connections between space-like separated events. 

  • Preceding to the above project, I completed a Master's dissertation in the Philosophy of Physics. My Master's dissertation, which is entitled "On the Reality of the Wavefunction," investigates the validity of the Pusey-Barrett-Rudolph (PBR) theorem and its implications for the ontological status of the wavefunction. In this work, I argue that PBR's finding should not be construed as an argument for/against any philosophical stand toward the ontology of the wavefunction.